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NTRv3.0 - Club ranking of Switzerland

Start of the data acquisition: 2004-01-01
Last update: 2020-02-12 05:30
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Batman Miniature Game - Average NTR-points
1.Dagobah Salt ForceCHSwitzerland, 8050 Zürich0.81
2.MiniaturenmalerCHSwitzerland, 8050 Zürich0.70

Batman Miniature Game - Total NTR-points
1.MiniaturenmalerCHSwitzerland, 8050 Zürich4.18
2.Dagobah Salt ForceCHSwitzerland, 8050 Zürich2.44
3.Knights of the TableCHSwitzerland, 9000 St. Gallen1.20
4.The UnboostablesCHSwitzerland, 8730 Uznach0.09

Batman Miniature Game - Number of players listed in the NTR
1.MiniaturenmalerCHSwitzerland, 8050 Zürich6
2.Dagobah Salt ForceCHSwitzerland, 8050 Zürich3
3.Knights of the TableCHSwitzerland, 9000 St. Gallen1
3.The UnboostablesCHSwitzerland, 8730 Uznach1

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