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Army Statistics - Germany - Epic Armageddon

You can see a couple of statistics about the distribution and placements of armies in the tournaments. Only T³-Tournaments using the GoePP are used for the statistics, because all other tournaments don't offer the needed data.

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Army Distribution

1.Codex Astartes Space Marines43
2.Armageddon Steel Legion38
3.Black Legion15
4.Biel-Tan Craftworld11
5.Minervan Tank Legion8
6.Ghazghkull Mak Uruk Thraka's Ork War Horde7
7.Speed Freaks6
8.Death Guard5
8.Death Korps of Krieg5
8.Emperor's Children5
9.Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legions4
9.Space Wolves4
9.Tau Third Phase Expansion Force4
9.House Hyperion Knightworld4
9.Hive Fleet Onachus4
10.Ulthwé Craftworld3
11.Black Legion2
11.Viorla Sept Battlesuit Strike Force2
11.Thousand Sons2
11.Scions of Iron2
11.Yme-Loc Craftworld2
11.Orkamedies Gargant Bigmob2
12.Iyanden Craftworld1
12.Baran Siegemasters1
12.Gue'senshi: The 1st Kleistian Grenadiers1
12.World Eaters1
12.Thurgrimm's Stronghold1
12.Lost & Damned Chaos Cult Army1
12.Warlord Snagga Snagga's Feral Ork Horde1
12.Chaos Space Marines1

Army Ranking (on all results)

1.Black Legion100.00
2.Biel-Tan Craftworld84.65
3.Minervan Tank Legion83.33
4.Armageddon Steel Legion81.63
4.Ghazghkull Mak Uruk Thraka's Ork War Horde81.63
5.Codex Astartes Space Marines69.12
6.Speed Freaks55.30
Info: Only armies whith at least 6 placements are counted. The army with the best placements is put in place 1 with an index of 100. The other placements depend on this index.

Army Ranking (only on tournament wins)

1.Armageddon Steel Legion4
1.Black Legion4
2.Minervan Tank Legion3
3.Space Wolves2
3.Ghazghkull Mak Uruk Thraka's Ork War Horde2
4.Ulthwé Craftworld1
4.Baran Siegemasters1
4.World Eaters1
4.Biel-Tan Craftworld1
4.Emperor's Children1
4.Yme-Loc Craftworld1

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