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2. Wiener Wm/Ho Meisterschaften - Tournament Results

Players' Awards

DAndreas aka "veo"player-award-specialSpecial Prize - Best Protectorate of Menoth
ABern aka "Bernhard"player-award-specialSpecial Prize - Best Cryx
AChristopher aka "Grisi"player-award-specialSpecial Prize - Best Retribution of Scyrah
AErich aka "Erich"player-award-specialSpecial Prize - Best Skorne
AFlorian aka "brEmSEr"player-award-specialSpecial Prize - Best Legion of Everblight
AHannes aka "MarboHannes"player-award-specialSpecial Prize - Best Painted Single Choice
SLOJan Kleva aka "Baffo"player-award-specialSpecial Prize - Best Painted Army List
ALászló aka "MrWu"player-award-specialSpecial Prize - Best Khador
AMarkus Robert aka "ML84"player-award-specialSpecial Prize - Best Cygnar
A(anonym)player-award-specialSpecial Prize - Best Circle Orboros
A(anonym)player-award-specialSpecial Prize - Best Convergence of Cyriss
AWolfgang aka "shakespeare"player-award-specialSpecial Prize - Best Mercenaries
AWolfgang aka "shakespeare"player-award-bestgeneralBest General

Single Player Results:

No. Place Name Origin Team Army Total
1.1.p1Wolfgang aka "shakespeare"player-award-specialplayer-award-bestgeneralAGramatneusiedlVienna's FinestMercenaries487
2.2.p2Jan Kleva aka "Baffo"player-award-specialSLOKhador3115
3.3.p3Adrian aka "AdrianW"AViennaProtectorate of Menoth31015
4.4.Erich aka "Erich"player-award-specialAWienVienna's FinestThe Skorne3106
5.5.Bern aka "Bernhard"player-award-specialAWienVienna's FinestCryx3815
6.6.Martin aka "Ranhothep"SKBratislavaThe Skorne382
7.7.Markus Robert aka "ML84"player-award-specialAWienVienna's Very FinestCygnar3712
8.8.Alex aka "nighty_s"DMünchenProtectorate of MunichCryx3710
9.9.László aka "MrWu"player-award-specialASalzburgIron HookersKhador374
10.10.Wolfgang aka "Ruffy"AWienCannot Possibly FailThe Skorne360
11.11.Martin P.BratislavaCygnar2114
12.12.Alexander aka "Dark_Chaos_Master"AWienVienna's FinestCryx2106
13.13.Florian aka "brEmSEr"player-award-specialAWienVienna's FinestLegion of Everblight2913
14.14.Martin S.BratislavaLegion of Everblight295
15.15.Thomas aka "Invader"AWienKhador294
16.16.David aka "Grave"APurkersdorfVienna's Very FinestCygnar286
17.17.(anonym)player-award-specialAThe Circle Orboros283
18.18.(anonym)player-award-specialAConvergence of Cyriss278
19.19.Stefan aka "Ruad"ASalzburgIron HookersThe Skorne277
20.20.Phil aka "Graf_Apokalypse"ASalzburgIron HookersLegion of Everblight272
21.21.Life aka "Life_Eater"AWienCryx261
22.22.Christopher aka "Grisi"player-award-specialASeiersbergTTRRetribution of Scyrah255
23.23.Erik aka "Darkhammer"DHainburgProtectorate of MunichCryx1110
24.24.Matej T.BratislavaConvergence of Cyriss1105
25.25.Hannes aka "MarboHannes"player-award-specialARaabaTTRKhador173
26.26.Alex aka "Cultstyle"AWiener NeustadtKhador172
27.27.Tomaž K.SLOCygnar171
28.28.Gerald aka "Quegean"AGrazTTRLegion of Everblight171
29.29.Andreas aka "veo"player-award-specialDErdingProtectorate of MunichProtectorate of Menoth160
30.30.Martin aka "Raghnath"AGrazTTR PlüddewizardsKhador150
31.31.Simon S.AWolfpassing an der HochleithenCryx70
32.32.Markus aka "Tyron"AWienKhador5
Description of the used abbreviations (not all have to be used): AC=Army Composition, PR=Paint Rating, FP=Fairplay, QP=Quiz points, OP=Other points

Team Results (at least 2 players):

1.Vienna's Finest (5)2485.40
2.Vienna's Very Finest (2)1999.00
3.Protectorate of Munich (3)1660.00
4.Iron Hookers (3)307.67
5.TTR (3)199.67

City Results (at least 2 players):

1.Wien (10)1685.00
2.Bratislava (5)835.80
3.Salzburg (3)307.67
4.Graz (2)160.50

Army Results:

1.Protectorate of Menoth (2)15587.50
2.Cryx (6)1845.33
3.Cygnar (4)1570.75
4.The Skorne (4)1031.25
5.Legion of Everblight (4)912.75
6.Convergence of Cyriss (2)691.50
7.Khador (7)611.86
8.Mercenaries (1)487.00
9.The Circle Orboros (1)283.00
10.Retribution of Scyrah (1)255.00
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