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1. Kurpfalz-Cup - List of Participants

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1. Daniel aka "Jerry_O"DSiegburg5League of RhordiaRhein-Sieg Raidersnono
2. Wolfgang aka "WolleK"DLülsdorf19Abyssal DwarfsPrivateer Poza Boyznono
3. Jan aka "Lord_Smoodo"DLohmar14DwarfsRhein-Sieg Raidersnono
4. Gregor aka "Connaire"DTroisdorf7DwarfsPrivateer Poza Boyznono
5. Martin aka "Coar"DMutterstadt16OrcsKoW-Kurpfalznono
6. Bernd aka "Tacticus"DDannstadt-Schauernheim11SalamandersKoW-Kurpfalznono
7. Manfred aka "ful5"DBochum8NightstalkersDie Würfelgötternono
8. Heinz aka "Officejunkie"DSankt Augustin2Twilight KinPrivateer Poza Boyznono
9. (anonym)-VarangurKoW-Kurpfalznono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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