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Vienna Tabletop Masters 2017 - X-Wing - List of Participants

1. Thomas aka "Major-Tom"AWien8Scum and VillainyBlack Hole Diversyesyes
2. Paul aka "Paulizei"AGraz3Rebel AllianceStyrian Banthasyesyes
3. Rafael aka "riflrafl"AWien33Rebel Allianceyesyes
4. Rene aka "Mad-Rene"AWien212Rebel AllianceKidjal Squadronyesyes
5. Patrick aka "Skantar"AHollabrunn77Galactic Empireyesyes
6. Sam aka "Tempus"AWien5Scum and VillainyBlack Hole Diversyesyes
7. Aaron aka "Chezus"AWien103Rebel Alliance4 Blank Skankyesyes
8. Marc aka "marcmitc"ABad Vöslau50Scum and Villainyyesyes
9. Gerhard aka "Xun"AWien64Galactic EmpireKidjal Squadronyesyes
10. Johannes aka "Johnnycube"AWien22Rebel Allianceyesyes
11. Thomas aka "Banjo"AWien-Rebel AllianceBlack Hole Diversyesyes
12. Daniel aka "Koshi"AMooskirchen9Galactic EmpireTTRyesyes
13. Thomas aka "Kimy81"ASt. Pölten-Rebel AllianceImperial Airlinesyesyes
14. Christian aka "BolGoreth"ASt. Pölten-Rebel AllianceImperial Airlinesyesyes
15. Christian aka "xXmurphyXx"AWien-Galactic EmpireBlack Hole Diversyesyes
16. Christian aka "Viennacowboy"AWien80Rebel Allianceyesyes
17. Markus aka "marcusantonius"ASt. Georgen am Längsee125Rebel Allianceyesyes
18. Stefan aka "Ahriman"AGraz4Scum and VillainyTTRyesyes
19. Xxx aka "Arabidopsis"AWien160Galactic Empireyesyes
20. Oliver aka "WarEagle"AGraz51Galactic EmpireTeam P3 Comixyesyes
21. Andreas aka "bopgun68"AWien-Galactic Empireyesyes
22. Emanuel aka "Offspring"AWien-Rebel Allianceyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Rebel Alliance:11
Galactic Empire:7
Scum and Villainy:4
Distribution of Origins
St. Pölten:2
Bad Vöslau:1
St. Georgen am Längsee:1
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