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today40K im SQUIGGZ: RETRO-HAMMER I [W40K]D87700 Memmingen5/12
today3. Osnabrücker Secret Wars [MCP]D49090 Osnabrück10/16
today1. Rhein Main Rhino Cup [W40K]D65623 Netzbach9/8
todayClash of the Kraken II [KoW]D21029 Hamburg15/16
todayStar Wars Armada: Scharmützel und Schlamassel V [SWA]D20259 Hamburg18/32
todayDie Leuchtfeuer Hamburgs brennen Vol 5 [LotR]D20259 Hamburg26/24
todayBattle for the Alpha Vol 1 [ASoIF]D20259 Hamburg21/20
20253. Almost Decent Rookie Rumble [W40K]D24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg0/51
20254. Almost Decent Tournament [W40K]D24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg0/51
05-173. Almost Decent Tournament [W40K]D24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg0/51
03-082. Almost Decent Tag Team Tournament [W40K]D24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg0/50
11-231. Noris Cup (AoS) [WAoS]D91126 Schwabach2/12
10-03Bad Moon Rising I [MS]D01099 Dresden10
08-17KellerKinder Tabletop e.V. Braunschweig 40K Open I [W40K]D38122 Braunschweig0/20
The latest newsThe latest tournament news
tec2023-04-11 11:19
Server issues resolved

Due to emergency maintenance before Easter, we were unfortunately unavailable for a few hours and a few problems persisted over the weekend, which prevented the creation of new accounts or tournaments, among other things.

Due to vacations, the problems could only be fixed today. We are sorry, but the old technology is slowly causing us more and more problems. We are working towards a permanent solution and the first step will be an upcoming server move. This will bring downtime again, but we will inform you in time.
tec2022-11-07 17:01
Server load issue [RESOLVED]

Unfortunately, our virus scanner went into the weekend a bit too early on Friday and this resulted in no more emails being sent. This in turn has led to the system becoming slower and slower and there were problems everywhere due to the load.

We have now been able to fix the problem and all outstanding emails have been sent in the last few hours. So if you have been waiting for an (automatic) email from the system, it should have arrived by now.

We are sorry and we will see to it that we detect such problems in a more timely manner in the near future.
tec2022-04-20 08:55
Issue with PayPal payment

There seems to be an issue with our PayPal integration and the PayPal button is just doing nothing. You can use paypal.me/tabletop as a workaround. Please note you order number in the comment so that we can link your payment to your order.

We're looking into the issue asap.
awd2020-09-16 15:45
Tournament Awards 2019

Due to the current sitation and the impact on T³ it took some time to get back on board.

We're happy to finally annouce the best events from 2019.

To the awards...
info2020-07-07 17:23
Reduced German VAT

To alleviate the consequences of Corona, Germany has decided to reduce the value added tax for half a year. This should put a little more money into the wallets of the population.

After some back and forth and talking with our tax consultant, a small detail in the legal basis has the consequence that we will not change the tax shown on T³.

The T³ premium access is a service which will is fully provided at the end of the period. And exactly this end counts for the value added tax. Since all premium purchases will end after 31.12.2020, we are therefore not affected by the reduction if it is not extended.

As we are talking about about 70 cents, we have decided to credit this to your account and let all new premium accounts run one week longer for the same price.
info2020-06-24 16:33
June news summary

Sign of life

With the situation slowly relaxing, the first tournaments are going online again and we are bringing the support back up. During the last weeks we had to keep it on low flame, because more important things were pending and T³ effectively generated zero income. All open requests will be processed within the next 1-2 weeks. Nothing will remain unanswered.

Virtual tournaments

In the last weeks some tournaments have been held via TTS or Discord. We have just installed an update, so that these are marked as "online" on T³ as well. These events are excluded from the rankings. We had set this manually until now. Please contact an admin if you see a tournament that is not listed correctly or is unexpectedly ranked in the rankings.

Premium and cancelled tournaments

As promised, we are going to book some premium time on the accounts of all Corona sufferers for a certain time. There is no exact schedule for this yet.
anc2020-03-29 11:59
T³ and Covid-19

Dear valued tabletop community,

these are hard and sad times for the world, the community and each single person around. Our beloved hobby got hit hard and almost every planned event in the past and upcoming weeks got cancelled. Some requests may have taken a while due to inactive local admins, but we should now be through all of them. Please be patient on new requests as we have to manage work and family like everybody out there.

Although we'll have a small financial loss as most of you hesitate to go for Premium to set up new events due to the unforseen future, we don't want to profit from elapsing Premium accounts in the next months. So we'll grant every user, who was forced to cancel an event, some free Pemium time as soon as the dust has settled and we're back to normal.

So long. Stay safe. Stay health.
Matthias, for the T³ team
tnt2024-06-21 11:57
DOld World Rumble Böblingen - Noch eine Woche

Es ist nur noch eine Woche bis zum Turnier.
Ich hoffe ihr habt eure Armeen schon alle fit gemacht ;)

Turnier wird wohl überschaubar von der Größe und wir könnten uns am Samstag dann auch überlegen ob wir einfach ein größeres Spiel zu 4 machen falls, wie man es kennt, ein paar Leute nicht auftauchen.
tnt2024-06-20 14:29
D9. Star Wars Armada Turnier im No Pixels - Errata

Hallo zusammen,

die von AMG veröffentlichten Errata zu diversen Karten gelten auch für dieses Turnier.



Mit besten Grüßen
tnt2024-06-18 13:15
DBembel Clash #10 - Pariah Nexus Release

Liebe Bembel Jäger,

der BC #10 wird mit allen neuen Releases vom Wochenende 21-23.06.2024 gespielt. Dazu zählen natürlich auch die neuen Pariah Nexus Missionen.

tnt2024-06-17 14:21
DImperium Tertius IV 40K (RTT) - Pariah Nexus


die Missionen wurden angepasst. Schaut gerne ins Rulespack.

Gruß Andreas
tnt2024-06-15 18:25
DShatterpoints at NordCon 2024 - Location

Liebe Commander,
Unser morgiges Plastikmodelle-Schubsen findet im Werktage statt. Wo ihr den Raum auf dem Schulgelände finden könnt seht ihr im kostenlosen Programmhefte, welches ihr am Eingang erhaltet.
Bis morgen!
tnt2024-06-15 09:37
DMondsteine unterm Wasserturm - "Shades" als Armeeliste verfügbar

Seit gestern sind die "Shades" auch als Armeeliste-Auswahl verfügbar.

Solltet ihr mutig aus den Schatten treten wollen, könnt ihr das als ab sofort tun.
tnt2024-06-14 13:06
DCapital Clash III @ Sonnencon - jetzt auch PayPal


neben der Banküberweisung ist es jetzt auch möglich die Startgebühr wie gewohnt über PayPal zu bezahlen.
Die Infos hierzu findet ihr im Reiter: Informationen und Regeln
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