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Grim Dark Battlefield VI 1000Pkt. - List of Participants

1. Jegors D.DBerlin-Havoc Brothersyesyes
2. Mike aka "paripah"DBerlin8Alien Hivesyesyes
3. (anonym)-Machine Cultyesyes
4. Marcel aka "Holzwurm"DBerlin-Alien HivesDie Morphysyesyes
5. Sebastian aka "Battlefield_Kirby"DBerlin12Havoc BrothersDie Morphysyesyes
6. Riccardo aka "Dread-Naught"IBerlin1Wormhole DemonsITGC Berlinyesyes
7. Hannes aka "Urmel"DBerlin45Prime Brothersyesyes
8. Patrick aka "Patricius"DBerlin18Havoc Brothersyesyes
9. David aka "Jenova"DBerlin - Weißensee-Titan Lordsyesyes
10. Patrick aka "Sonics"DPotsdam28Dark Elf Raidersyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Havoc Brothers:3
Alien Hives:2
Dark Elf Raiders:1
Machine Cult:1
Prime Brothers:1
Titan Lords:1
Wormhole Demons:1
Distribution of Origins
Berlin - Weißensee:1
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