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Munich Moscpit Cup IX - List of Participants

1. (anonym)-Mason's GuildBavarian Empireyes
2. Matthias aka "Celeb"DMünchen30Blacksmith's GuildLegion des Blöedsinnsyes
3. Sandra aka "Swissy"DMünchen90Mason's GuildLegion des Blöedsinnsyes
4. Bernhard aka "Maverik"DMünchen-Fisherman's GuildCorsairs Crewyes
5. (anonym)-Alchemist's GuildBavarian Empireyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
6. Andreas aka "GadrAl"DBrackenheim-Engineer's GuildStronghold Ultrasno
7. Josef aka "JayHay"DMünchen91Engineer's Guildno
8. (anonym)-Brewer's GuildBavarian Empireno
9. Jakub aka "Jasif"PLTwin Peaks-The UnionPrague Ballno
10. Jakub aka "Polkoi"CZŠestajovice-Alchemist's GuildPrague Ballno
11. Stepan aka "Slava"CZLomnice-Fisherman's GuildPrague Ballno
12. Johannes aka "Mailuft"DLudwigsburg88Mortician's GuildStronghold Ultrasno

Distribution of Armies
Mason's Guild:2
Alchemist's Guild:1
Blacksmith's Guild:1
Fisherman's Guild:1
Distribution of Origins
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