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GermanTabletopChampionships - Nations Cup 2022

GTC is back :)

We found a premium venue and happily invite you guys for our clash of nations!

The event in a nutshell
- 5 players per team
- national teams (max. 1 mercenary, no limit on teams per nation)
- 2000p Pitched Battle
- 3-course lunch buffet
- unlimited softdrinks/coffee/tea/biscuits
- goodies/giveaways
- amazing trophies
- ... and much more

Be there or be square!

Organizer: Frederick (Contact)

Gamesystem: Warhammer Age of Sigmar (WAoS) - Team Tournament
Team size: 5 players per team
Start: 2022-04-30 08:00
End: 2022-05-01 17:30
Seats: 100
Charge: 100
Van der Valk Hotel Melle - Osnabrück
Wellingholzhausener Str. 7
49324 Melle

Website: https://www.germantabletopchampionships.com

Info: The tournament has ended.


2022-04-18 16:20
DICE FOR UKRAINE & Team United Nations

Dear players!

For the upcoming GTC 2022 we are still looking for 1-2 players for Team United Nation to finally make sure we will have 20 full team to play at even numbers :). If you are interested in joining the team please get in touch with us asap. We have a very special deal for you to participate at an incredibly low fee for what you get!

MORE IMPORTANT: Our "DICE FOR UKRAINE" charity we ran at WTC already will be up again at GTC! Check out what we plan to do and bring your spare-dice to support the people in and from Ukraine! https://www.germantabletopchampionships.com/dice-for-ukraine/

See you soon in Melle :)

written by Frederick
2022-03-15 12:54
It´s getting closer ... :)

Dear AoS-players out there.

The GTC is just around the corner with atm 17 Teams/85 players fully registered and paid! Deadline for registration/payment/list-submission is April 1st 2022 and thus we would like to remind you to finalize your registration asap to be able to still grab some of the few team-spots left :)

We are looking forward to be your host!

written by Frederick
2022-01-24 13:33

Dear community :)

We finally uploaded our Map-Pack, Rules-Pack and some other informations (like floorplan and some pictures of the trophies).

Visit www.germantabletopchampionships.com for details!

We are looking forward to be your host! Note: although this is a Nations Cup we have no limitiations on teams per country. Don´t be shy, everybody is welcome and we will help you out finding a team if you are not able to get a team of 5 players together :)

See you soon in Melle!

written by Frederick

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