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20. Würfelgötter AOS Turnier - Jubiläumsedition - Tournament Results

Single Player Results:

No. Place Name Origin Team Army Victory Points FPTotal
1.1.p1Marius aka "Centox"DKasselMiniparadiceKharadron Overlords6540654
2.2.p2Matthias aka "Master187"DKoblenzSoulblight Gravelords6490649
3.3.p3Christian aka "Prime"DEssenDie KellerkinderMaggotkin of Nurgle6480648
4.4.Patrick aka "Babywind"DKasselMiniparadiceIdoneth Deepkin6420642
5.5.Daniel aka "DanPo"DBochumDie KellerkinderLumineth Realm-Lords4490449
6.6.Lukas aka "KopfHolz"DSteinfurtSpVgg OsnabrückDaughters of Khaine4460446
7.7.Biagio aka "Cipolla"DWuppertalWuppertaler Tabletop GamersOrruk Warclans4410441
8.8.(anonym)DCarlos SklavenSlaves to Darkness4390439
9.9.Manuel aka "Flamba"DKasselMiniparadiceDaughters of Khaine4380438
10.10.Aziz aka "AyZee"DWuppertalWuppertaler Tabletop GamersOrruk Warclans4370437
11.11.Julian aka "juli_ibelknibel_wagner"DHertenDie Würfelgötter AoSHedonites of Slaanesh4360436
12.12.Wolfgang aka "godhand"DKölnDie Würfelgötter AoSSons of Behemat43011430
13.13.Thomas aka "DocFestus"DBochumDie KellerkinderSkaven43012430
14.14.Basti aka "Floreliza"DHammDie Würfelgötter AoSDisciples of Tzeentch4309430
15.15.Andreas aka "Ghost-13"DArnsbergSauerländer WürfelsturmBeasts of Chaos4270427
16.16.Wippo aka "MrSalamander"DDortmundDie Würfelgötter AoSSeraphon2360236
17.17.Benjamin aka "Ajali"DDortmundOrruk Warclans2310231
18.18.Jens aka "J4yzor"DDattelnDie KellerkinderSoulblight Gravelords2300230
19.19.Tobiasz aka "Tobi-Stillness"DOsnabrückSpVgg OsnabrückSoulblight Gravelords22814228
20.20.Roy aka "DestRoy"DRheineSpVgg OsnabrückDisciples of Tzeentch2280228
21.21.Tobias aka "Twobeshan"DKoblenzDaughters of Khaine2230223
22.22.Asmir aka "Merlucius"DKasselMiniparadiceDaughters of Khaine2219221
23.23.Sören aka "Alcarin"DBochumDie KellerkinderOrruk Warclans22112221
24.24.Christian Paul aka "Druss73"DBochumDie KellerkinderFlesh-eater Courts2200220
25.25.Michelle aka "Meechie_Peachy"DEssenDie Würfelgötter AoSHedonites of Slaanesh2170217
26.26.Michael aka "Keemo"DWuppertalWuppertaler Tabletop GamersFyreslayers2130213
27.27.Lina aka "Cupcake"DHammDie Würfelgötter AoSBlades of Khorne808
28.28.Alexander aka "HoernchenMeister"DEschweilerACWFOssiarch Bonereapers808
29.29.Fryderyk aka "Davros"DOsnabrückSpVgg OsnabrückOgor Mawtribes707
30.30.Jörg aka "Ossi"DBochumOrruk Warclans303
Description of the used abbreviations (not all have to be used): AC=Army Composition, PR=Paint Rating, FP=Fairplay, QP=Quiz points, OP=Other points

Team Results (at least 2 players):

1.Miniparadice (4)488.75
2.Die Kellerkinder (6)366.33
3.Wuppertaler Tabletop Gamers (3)363.67
4.Die Würfelgötter AoS (6)292.83
5.SpVgg Osnabrück (4)227.25

City Results (at least 2 players):

1.Kassel (4)488.75
2.Koblenz (2)436.00
3.Essen (2)432.50
4.Wuppertal (3)363.67
5.Bochum (5)264.60
6.Dortmund (2)233.50
7.Hamm (2)219.00
8.Osnabrück (2)117.50

Army Results:

1.Kharadron Overlords (1)654.00
2.Maggotkin of Nurgle (1)648.00
3.Idoneth Deepkin (1)642.00
4.Lumineth Realm-Lords (1)449.00
5.Slaves to Darkness (1)439.00
6.Sons of Behemat (1)430.00
7.Skaven (1)430.00
8.Beasts of Chaos (1)427.00
9.Soulblight Gravelords (3)369.00
10.Daughters of Khaine (4)332.00
11.Disciples of Tzeentch (2)329.00
12.Hedonites of Slaanesh (2)326.50
13.Orruk Warclans (5)266.60
14.Seraphon (1)236.00
15.Flesh-eater Courts (1)220.00
16.Fyreslayers (1)213.00
17.Blades of Khorne (1)8.00
18.Ossiarch Bonereapers (1)8.00
19.Ogor Mawtribes (1)7.00
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