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Jaguar on the hunt - Tukayyid Battletech Event - List of Participants

1. (anonym)-ComStarComStaryes
2. Martin aka "Terrorbaer"DBad Emstal-Clan NebelparderClan Nebelparderyes
3. Marco aka "kharn"DBaunatal-ComStarComStaryes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
4. Henning aka "Henning78"DMunich-Clan NebelparderClan Nebelparderno
5. Jan aka "Hewlett"DKorbach-Clan NebelparderClan Nebelparderno
6. Sebastian aka "Eversor"DKassel-ComStarComStarno

Distribution of Armies
Clan Nebelparder:1
Distribution of Origins
Bad Emstal:1
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