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29. WH40K Masters of the Universe - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Denny aka "Quakeltiki"DHannover-TyranidsArt of the Circleno0
2. Sascha aka "Scaary"DUslar666TyranidsInfernal Spawn of Evilno0
3. Henrik aka "HenrikB"DBückeburg-DeathwatchWürfel Offensive Mindenno0
4. Andre aka "Numen"DHannover1492NecronsArt of the Circleno0
5. Gordon aka "Hasho"DUetze238Death GuardP(r)oxbringer e.V.no0
6. Felix aka "Juicy"DSalzbergen241Chaos DaemonsSpvgg Osnabrückno0

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