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Benelux Cup - List of Participants

1. Charles aka "kiri"LLuxembourg-Saurian AncientsTeam Lëtzebuergyesno
2. William aka "wil7"LLuxemburg21Daemon LegionsTeam Lëtzebuergyesno
3. Geoffrey aka "Gregor"BLigne47Daemon LegionsTeam Belgiumyesno
4. Jérôme aka "Hiero"FMetz38Beast HerdsTeam Lëtzebuergyesno
5. Renato aka "Kermit"PParis2Undying DynastiesTeam Portugalyesno
6. Antoine aka "big_frost"FEragny Sur Oise13Beast HerdsTeam Portugalyesno
7. Jose Paulo aka "JPPinheiro"FVandoeuvre-Lès-Nancy35Daemon LegionsTeam Portugalyesno
8. Juan aka "Xso"EParis28Dread ElvesTeam Portugalyesno
9. François aka "Valmir"BAth11The Vermin SwarmTeam Belgiumyesno
10. Quentin aka "Chaeron"LLuxemburg20Undying DynastiesTeam Lëtzebuergyesno
11. Sébastien aka "Wally"LCapellen24Infernal DwarvesTeam Lëtzebuergyesno
12. Arnaud aka "mavrolis"LStrassen29Dwarven HoldsTeam Lëtzebuergyesno
13. Renaud aka "renaud_"FParis23Empire of SonnstahlTeam Lëtzebuergyesno
14. Loick aka "logik"BBruxelles11Beast HerdsTeam Belgiumyesno
15. Edouard aka "Wraysford"BBruxelles10Vampire CovenantTeam Belgiumyesno
16. Nico aka "PrinceCharming"BLeopoldsburg5Saurian AncientsTeam Belgiumyesno
17. Vincent aka "Kabuum"BHeverlee47Orcs and GoblinsTeam Belgiumyesno
18. Camille aka "Sire_Trencavel"BBruxelles10Empire of SonnstahlTeam Belgiumyesno
19. Paul aka "Koudelkar"LSyren59The Vermin SwarmTeam Lëtzebuergyesno
20. Josselin aka "baooss"FBourg-La-Reine2Orcs and GoblinsTeam Portugalyesno
21. Private aka "BlondeBeer"NLPrivate67Dread ElvesTeam NLyesno
22. Erikson aka "Komikaz"FParis35Kingdom of EquitaineTeam Portugalyesno
23. Thibault aka "Ankor"FParis1Saurian AncientsTeam Portugalyesno
24. Andreas aka "Njut"NParis22Infernal DwarvesTeam Portugalyesno
25. Guy aka "IHDarklord"BRoeselare5Undying DynastiesTeam Belgiumyesno
26. Lorenzo aka "Skarloc"BBruxelles26Sylvan ElvesTeam NLyesno
27. Kierty N.NLAmsterdam-The Vermin SwarmTeam NLyesno
28. Reinier N.NLAmsterdam-Highborn ElvesTeam NLyesno
29. Roel N.LAmsterdam-Warriors of the Dark GodsTeam NLyesno
30. Menno N.NLAmsterdam-Ogre KhansTeam NLyesno
31. Daniel N.NLAmsterdam-Vampire CovenantTeam NLyesno
32. Jaldert N.NLAmsterdam-Undying DynastiesTeam NLyesno

List of teams

1Team Lëtzebuergkiri, wil7, Hiero, Chaeron, Wally, mavrolis, renaud_, Koudelkar
2Team BelgiumGregor, Valmir, logik, Wraysford, PrinceCharming, Kabuum, Sire_Trencavel, IHDarklord
3Team PortugalKermit, big_frost, JPPinheiro, Xso, baooss, Komikaz, Ankor, Njut
4Team NLBlondeBeer, Skarloc, Kierty N., Reinier N., Roel N., Menno N., Daniel N., Jaldert N.

Distribution of Armies
Undying Dynasties:4
Beast Herds:3
Daemon Legions:3
Saurian Ancients:3
The Vermin Swarm:3
Dread Elves:2
Empire of Sonnstahl:2
Infernal Dwarves:2
Orcs and Goblins:2
Vampire Covenant:2
Dwarven Holds:1
Highborn Elves:1
Kingdom of Equitaine:1
Ogre Khans:1
Sylvan Elves:1
Warriors of the Dark Gods:1
Distribution of Origins
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