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News - Pairings time!

(Permalink)Q.T.L. International Brawl 2.0 (ITALY) - Pairings time!
2018-11-07 17:50

First round pairings (and row for first match):

Death & Roll - Serraglio
Enfants du Sud - Qtl Bomber Team
Custodes - IC Team
Ork Jeux Table - Gli Arrosticini Infernali
FBJ - Il Concilio dei 13
Le Poutre du Gross Poisson - Foot Team Assoreta
Gressin - Pupazzi Pesaresi
Troika Team - QLO
Red Reapers - 100 Torri
Dream Team - Team Johnny Sins
Aurelien e i suoi amichetti - X Regio
Team Ukraine - La Gang di Stomaci
The Holed Cheeses - Armata Brancaleone

Written by babbonatale

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