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[Paris] WAAAGH TAVERNE - Ligue Février - List of Participants

1. Nicolas aka "Elred"FPoissy10ResistanceEscadron Les Têtes Brûléesyes
2. Maxime aka "Max-Martigan"FSaint-Denis8Scum and VillainyEscadron Les Têtes Brûléesyes
3. Stephane aka "captcav"FVerneuil Sur Seine137First Orderyes
4. Laurent aka "Kenshin-le-vagabond"FBrétigny Sur Orge526Rebel Allianceyes
5. Nathan aka "Lamamalin"FParis206Galactic EmpireLe Lama Obscuryes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
6. Yann aka "Nnayl"FRueil Malmaison3Rebel AllianceEscadron Les Têtes Brûléesno
7. Mourjan aka "Mourjan"FParis28Separatist AllianceNihilumno
8. Jérémy aka "skymyj"FAlfortville30Rebel Allianceno

Distribution of Armies
First Order:1
Galactic Empire:1
Rebel Alliance:1
Scum and Villainy:1
Distribution of Origins
Yvelines (78):2
Paris (75):1
Essonne (91):1
Seine-Saint-Denis (93):1
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