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News - European Tabletop Championship (ETC) 2010 is here

(Permalink)T³ - European Tabletop Championship (ETC) 2010 is here
2010-08-03 17:12

Dear tabletop friends,

it's time again: The biggest tabletop event in history is starting the next phase for the second time in Münster, Germany. The ETC is split up into two tournaments: The ESC as a single player tournament and the acutal ETC as a team tournament. The single tournament is taking place Thursday and Friday, because the event hall is simply full with over 50(!) participating teams and so there's no place for any side event.

Everybody who's interested in tabletop tournaments should try to visit this great event. There will be 8th Edition Welcome event for Warhammer in parallel to the ESC. Whoever is willing to participate can just come on Thursday before the tournament starts and sign up. There's enough place. The lists of registrations on T³ aren't representive, because lots of the international guests will sign up after arrival.

As a part of the T³ admin team is also at the ETC, answers to requests can take a while for the next days. Please be patient.

There will be a couple of coverages. I (Blackhawk) will use Twitter to report some organizer stuff from the ETC. If everything goes right, Tweets from other users will carry the hash tag #ETC10, too. You can follow the Tweets this way on Twitter or directly on our ETC page:

* ETC 2010 on T³
* T³ on Twitter

Best regards
Blackhawk, calling from Münster starting Wednesday

Written by Blackhawk

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