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News - New gamesystem: Ex illis

(Permalink)T³ - New gamesystem: Ex illis
2010-07-19 11:32

The hybrid tabletop Ex Illis made by Bastion Studio is now supported by T³. As a unique combination of classic tabletop and video game it's always worth a look.

Bastion Studio is organizing the first edition of the Ex Illis Open at Gen Con Indy, August 6-7, 2010. It is divided into 2 activities:
• A Gameplay tournament and
• A Painting contest.

Show your skills and win big!
Winners get to choose between an iPad or a $1000 voucher.
Second places can choose an iPod Touch or a $500 voucher.
[All Vouchers to be spent on games and hobby products at Atlantis Games and Comics].

All players must be signed up in the tournament before July 26th.

* Ex Illis on T³
* Official website
* Ex Illis' Twitter channell
* Ex Illis' Facebook page
* Tournament page: Ex Illis Open

Written by Blackhawk

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