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List of Players - France - Field of Glory - 17 Players

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59580AnicheTorck   Contact
74000AnnecyGarfunkel   Contact
33200Bordeauxjdestremau   Contact   Homepage
10220BrévonnesElladriel   Contact
84300Cavaillondarkminus   Contact
57160Chatel St GermainNico57   Contact
92400Courbevoietsar1701   Contact   Homepage
08430Gruyeresetienne08   Contact
76610Le Havreelmagnifiko   Contact
72100Le MansMarneus_Calgar   Contact   Homepage
33700MerignacArnakh   Contact
79000NiortReaver   Contact   Homepage
76930Octeville Sur MerBubonicBrown   Contact
76310Sainte AdresseDuc_Leto   Contact   Homepage
35190St Domineucbodeshmoun   Contact

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