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Army Statistics - Germany - Battlefleet Gothic

You can see a couple of statistics about the distribution and placements of armies in the tournaments. Only T³-Tournaments using the GoePP are used for the statistics, because all other tournaments don't offer the needed data.

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Army Distribution

1.Imperial Fleet35
2.Chaos Fleet32
3.Necron Fleet15
3.Space Marine Fleet15
4.Tau Fleet12
5.Tyranid Fleet11
6.Ork Fleet10
6.Dark Eldar Fleet10
7.Eldar Fleet9
8.Adeptus Mechanicus Fleet2

Army Ranking (on all results)

1.Necron Fleet100.00
2.Eldar Fleet96.30
3.Chaos Fleet88.64
4.Space Marine Fleet83.33
5.Tyranid Fleet63.73
6.Tau Fleet60.94
7.Imperial Fleet59.09
8.Dark Eldar Fleet54.17
9.Ork Fleet48.93
Info: Only armies whith at least 6 placements are counted. The army with the best placements is put in place 1 with an index of 100. The other placements depend on this index.

Army Ranking (only on tournament wins)

1.Chaos Fleet5
1.Space Marine Fleet5
2.Necron Fleet4
3.Eldar Fleet3
4.Dark Eldar Fleet2
4.Tau Fleet2
5.Imperial Fleet1
5.Ork Fleet1

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