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NTRv3.0 - Club ranking of France

Start of the data acquisition: 2006-01-01
Last update: 2020-05-27 05:30
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Warhammer 30K: The Horus Heresy - Average NTR-points
1.Nice Wargame AssociationFFrance, 06100 Nice1.60
2.French WaaaghFFrance, 13000 Marseille0.82

Warhammer 30K: The Horus Heresy - Total NTR-points
1.Nice Wargame AssociationFFrance, 06100 Nice4.80
2.La Confrérie Galactique 40KCHSwitzerland, 1870 Monthey1.67
3.French WaaaghFFrance, 13000 Marseille1.64
4.Instant d'un RêveFFrance, 67500 Haguenau1.35
5.Légendes-The Unforgiven Gaming AssociationFFrance, 34383 Tuga0.99
5.DEVASTATIONFFrance, 13666 Marseille0.99
7.CenturionsFFrance, 34660 Cournonterral0.76
8.CMMFFFrance, 06370 Mouans Sartoux0.42
8.THE STRANGER'S SONSFFrance, 06370 Mouans Sartoux0.42
10.AJSAFFrance, 13400 Aubagne0.29

Warhammer 30K: The Horus Heresy - Number of players listed in the NTR
1.Nice Wargame AssociationFFrance, 06100 Nice3
2.French WaaaghFFrance, 13000 Marseille2
3.CenturionsFFrance, 34660 Cournonterral1
3.Instant d'un RêveFFrance, 67500 Haguenau1
3.CMMFFFrance, 06370 Mouans Sartoux1
3.AJSAFFrance, 13400 Aubagne1
3.La Confrérie Galactique 40KCHSwitzerland, 1870 Monthey1
3.Légendes-The Unforgiven Gaming AssociationFFrance, 34383 Tuga1
3.DEVASTATIONFFrance, 13666 Marseille1
3.THE STRANGER'S SONSFFrance, 06370 Mouans Sartoux1

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