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News - ETC Betting Game 2010 - Update

(Permalink)T³ - ETC Betting Game 2010 - Update
2010-07-13 17:28

After all those sweet betting games for the FIFA World Cup you can have the same for your favorite hobby. T³ is hosting the ETC Betting Game 2010. Every T³-user can participate in this betting game for free. You have to guess the final top 10 for each tabletop hosted on the ETC. Based on how exact your guess is, you'll score points as soon as the final results are available. The user with the best overall result will win the exclusive T³-title ETC Betting Master 2010.

Link: ETC Game 2010

The betting game is just for fun. You don't have to pay for and you won't win any money or similiar.

Update: We're sorry, but we were missing a couple of teams. If anybody would like to change his given bet, just drop an admin a message.

Written by Blackhawk

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