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T³ needs you now

1500 Euro
2668.29 Euro

An appeal by Matthias aka Blackhawk, T³ developer and seeker of help

Around a year ago I've spoken about the future of T³. A lot of things happened in the last 12 months. Especially the European Tournament Championchips (ETC) are mentionable. As announced back then something has to change for the future. I was running T³ the last year alongside my daily business, whereby I did its financing basically with money from my own pocket (due to the simple fact that I sacrificed my working hours). Sadly the income generated by ads and tournament donations is going down and my time is becoming more valuably. This "hobby project" will have to end this year or I won't get around with my own finances.

Therefore T³ has to make some money in one way or another. Making this basically possible T³ needs some offical terms of usage on the one hand. With money going around you cannot do without them. I already found a lawyer and the approximate amount this will cost. On the other hand we need a invoice system and its components. To finance this step I'd like to start one last call for donations. This is not related to the financing model (Freemium accounts vs organizer fee) which finally will be implemented at the end. It's just if T³ will still exist after 2011.

The fundraising target is 1500 Euro until middle of May for the lawyer fee and as a "seed capital" for me to work some days on the payment system (invoices, SSL, accounting, ...).

1500 Euro may sound like a lot of money in the first moment, but this exactly the amount which would be gathered, if every user who was online in the last 24 hours would donate one simple Euro. And to be honest... 1 Euro isn't that much money.

So I'm asking every gamer, every tabletop fan, every gaming club, every manufacturer, every organizer and everbody who would like to support T³ and the tabletop gaming scene, to take a look into the wallet, pluck up courage and send T³ a donation.

Please transfer your donation with the subject "T3 donation" to the following bank account in Germany


or send it to paypal@tabletopturniere.de. Direct bank transfer is preferred, because Paypal will take a small fee for every donation. If you have trouble with an international bank transfer or don't own a Paypal account, try to ask your friends. So you could simply team up. If you still need help, just ask one of the admins responsible for your country. The donations are independent of the support tournaments.

Many thanks for your attention and your support!

Matthias aka Blackhawk
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