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The Battle of Caw Nore - Tournament Results

Single Player Results:

No. Place Name Origin Team Army Total
1.9.Emanuel aka "Erunawen"CHSteffisburgBärnBarad-dûr35
2.12.Lars aka "Itae96"CHStansStansDol Guldur25
3.1.p1Michael aka "Zuri3"CHBielBärnDurin's Folk70
4.10.Mario aka "Ar_Harion"CHThunErebor35
5.5.Marc aka "Boots"CHNiederbippBärnEregion45
6.4.Patrik aka "Piccolo-Man"CHNussbaumenSMLMinas Morgul50
7.7.Samuel aka "Frostbutts"CHHorwStansMinas Morgul45
8.8.Gaétan aka "cancun"CHFribourgMinas Tirith35
9.14.Luca aka "SonofGondor16"CHBrislachMinas Tirith25
10.15.Simona aka "Strongbow"CHKernsStansMordor15
11.3.p3Antonio aka "Matrix64"CHStansStansMoria55
12.2.p2Tim W.CHWinterthurThe Army of the High King60
13.11.Martin S.CHGurzelenThe Fiefdoms35
14.16.Simon aka "Simon_Turambar"CHSteffisburgBärnThe Fiefdoms15
15.13.Linus aka "Holypen"CHWolhusenStansThe Trolls25
16.6.Lukas W.CHWinterthurThe Wizards45
Description of the used abbreviations (not all have to be used): AC=Army Composition, PR=Paint Rating, FP=Fairplay, QP=Quiz points, OP=Other points

Team Results (at least 2 players):

1.Bärn (4)41.25
2.Stans (5)33.00

City Results (at least 2 players):

1.Winterthur (2)52.50
2.Stans (2)40.00
3.Steffisburg (2)25.00

Army Results:

1.Durin's Folk (1)70.00
2.The Army of the High King (1)60.00
3.Moria (1)55.00
4.Minas Morgul (2)47.50
5.Eregion (1)45.00
6.The Wizards (1)45.00
7.The Fiefdoms (1)35.00
8.Barad-dûr (1)35.00
9.Erebor (1)35.00
10.Minas Tirith (2)30.00
11.Dol Guldur (1)25.00
12.The Trolls (1)25.00
13.Mordor (1)15.00
14.The Fiefdoms (1)15.00
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