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News - ETC 2021 cancellation

(Permalink)T³ - ETC 2021 cancellation
2021-01-15 14:39

Dear ETC captains, players and community members,

Luxembourg 2020/21 organizers here.

We write this message to announce that the ETC2021 in Luxembourg is officially cancelled (a captains' survey was launched and ~70% of teams who participated support this decision).

These words are not easy to write, trust us. We believed we could deliver an excellent ETC since the beginning but the pandemic and its consequences have taken their toll... as fellow mountaineers would know, when climbing a mountain it is important not only to reach the summit but also to have enough energy to get down to safety once again.

The current uncertainties (e.g. travel restrictions, event restrictions, national vaccine plans, personal finances, etc) and our constraints (e.g. venue rental, supplier contracts, etc) simply do not give to Luxembourg 2021 any chances to be a financially-viable event and would crush our NGO to the ground for good.
Therefore we need to acknowledge defeat vis-à-vis COVID-19 and retreat from this fight.

All players/teams that are currently registered will be fully refunded (in EUR, we cannot control forex).
A few more details concerning refunds:
- Payments done via Paypal/Bank transfer will be reverted (money will be credited back to the account that made the original payment)
- If someone paid for multiple players/teams, the full amount will be credited to the person who made the original payment
- Payments will be issued in EUR, this might result in a small gain/loss on the recipient side
- At the moment 17 teams and 223 players are registered to either ESC or ETC.
- Since it might take some time to process everything, we thank you in advance for your patience

Our NGO will still run a significant financial loss due to existing supplier contracts and admin fees; we are ready to bear the "entrepreneurial risks" and their consequences but if anybody feels like supporting us we have organized an online pot https://bit.ly/3spovsR

If you want to contact us, please do so via email at flufff@gmail.com or via our FB page https://www.facebook.com/Federation-Luxembourgeoise-de-figurines-fantastiques-et-futuristes- -1634632410185834

On the same page we will publish news concerning any events we might organize in the future (and where we hope to meet you!).

Thanks to all of you (partners, sponsors and ETC chairs in primis) for your support and help throughout this journey and we hope to meet you soon enough for a great ETC.
Stay safe and take care of yourselves,
Luxembourg 2021 Organizing team

Written by kiri

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