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FOG-Neujahrturnier 2018 - "Helene, sicher?" - Tournament Schedule and Scoring

German Open 2018

We are happy to invite you all to the eigth German Open

Time Place

Saturday, March 17th, 09:00 Marksburg
Until 56338 Braubach - Germany
Sunday, March 18th, 18:00 near Koblenz

• 800 points per army, 15mm, 1MU = 1Inch, Open tournament, all official lists permitted, excluding the winning 3 armies of the last 3 years.
• There will 4 rounds to be played using Swiss system. A historical setting will be used in the first round, avoiding players from the same club or country playing each other if possible
• We are using the ruleset FoG V2.0

• Timetable:
Saturday: 10:00 to 13:45 and 15:00 to 18:45
Sunday: 09:00 to 12:45 and 13:30 to 17:15

• Playtime: 3,5 hours. There will be a random time adjustment from 0 – 15 minutes. When time is called the current round shall be finished, excluding the Joint Action Phase (so no JAP in the last round)
• We will use the 25-0 system (incl. tenth) for the tournament ranking
• Please send your registrations incl. your army list (with order of march) to martin@fieldofglory.de
• Players have to supply their own terrain
• Deadline: February 25th, 2018

• The registration is to be done via the T³-Website

Participation fee
• The participation fee for the FoG-tournament is 40,00 €
It needs to be remitted until February 25th, 2018 The fee include a social dinner on Saturday evening.
• For players registering and paying after February, 25th, the fee will be 45 €
• Payment should be done via Paypal, please send it to martin.wirt@gmx.de
The registration is valid after the bank transfer is completed. If you encounter problems with using PayPal, please let me know.
We are planning a maximum of 50 players, and will use the method: “First come – first serve” on the registrations. Anybody coming late will be added to a waiting list
• Entrance to the venue itself is free.

Again there will be the challenge trophy called „German Open Champion – Field of Glory“. In addition we will have a ‘yellow jersey’, which is awarded to the leader after day one.
For Saturday evening there is a social dinner planned (included in the participation fee)
During the whole venue there is the Marksburg a la carte-restaurant available nearby.
Drinks and snacks are also available in the ‘Burgschänke’

Please do not bring in your own drinks to the venue.
We do not organize a central accommodation.
You can find possible accommodations on http://braubach.de/de/betten.html
If you require further assistance finding accommodations or need other directions (Koblenz is only 5 minutes away by car), please let us know.

The following armies cannot be used this year
• Later Ptolemaic (Winner 2015)
• Dominate Roman (2. place 2015)
• Pagan Burmese (3. place 2015)
• Albanian (Winner 2016)
• Later low Countries (2. place 2016)
• Early Achaemenid Persian (3. place 2016)
• Later Macedonian (Winner 2017)
• Ghaznavid (2. place 2017)
• Later Seleucid (3. place 2017)

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