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GTC Warmup - AoS - Information and Rules

As a Warmup for the GTC we will of course use the just released Rules-Pack for the event: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ay68250sp8dxfej/GTC_AoS_Rules_Pack%20v0.9%20WIP.pdf?dl=0

Due to the nature of the Warmup some small changes are necessary:

1. only 3 rounds will be played, because it is a one-day-event. To ensure you can drive home save in the evening and arrive in the morning at an acceptable time, games will only last 3h.
2. Result-submission will be done on result-sheets and not via TourneyKeeper
3. Submitting Army-Lists is not needed. Just make sure to bring 4 copies your list in the correct format. Hand one over to the TO at registration and one to the opponent each game.
4. We will only play the respective Battleplans etc. for Round 1-3 of the GTC as per Tournament Rules Pack.
5. We will use each Map-Sheet one time and will double up Map-Sheet 1&2 for Table 11 and 12.

PayPal to tabletop@tgherford.de (for Familiy and Friends or fees paid on your own)
ask via PM for the banking-account (we prefer PayPal).

No need to bring food and drinks - it is all included in the starting fee :)

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