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Würfelpechs Herbstwerfen 1.0 - Tournament Results

Single Player Results:

No. Place Name Origin Team Army Victory Points PROPTotal
1.1.p1Paul aka "Koleriker"DHalle (Saale)Würfelpech e.V.Empire455252
2.2.p2Ritchi aka "Graf_Chlodwig_III"DMarburgHellboundEmpire465152
3.3.p3Cedric aka "Schattenspiel"DHalleWürfelpech e.V.Tomb Kings415147
4.4.Philipp aka "nobrainer"DBayreuthTabletop-RitterHigh Elves413145
5.5.Kai aka "Arthurius"DBerlinTabletop-RitterOgre Kingdoms385144
6.6.Dr. Florian Otto aka "FlorianOtto"DHalle (Saale)Würfelpech e.V.Dark Elves373141
7.7.Tobias aka "Skarsnik89"DSalzatal HöhnstedtWürfelpech e.V.Orcs & Goblins323237
8.8.Heiko A. aka "antraker"DPotsdamPhalanx PotsdamSkaven305136
9.9.(anonym)DWürfelpech e.V.Dark Elves312033
10.10.André aka "Eafuruto"DErfurtPuffbohnenChaos Warriors265233
11.11.Jan aka "Alrik_Ranulfson"DDresdenKarak GhirnDwarfs301132
12.12.Stefan G.Würfelpech e.V:Vampire Counts246232
13.13.Wolfgang aka "Thielemann"DBernriedOrcs & Goblins263231
14.14.Michael aka "Molokahn"Halle (Saale)Würfelpech e.V.(unknown)223227
15.15.Jan aka "Knilz"DBad TennstedtPuffbohnenChaos Dwarfs215127
16.16.Jonas K.DHalleLizardmen240125
17.17.Oliver D.DHalleWürfelpech e.V.Wood Elves193123
18.18.Marvin aka "Marvin_Er"DWimmelburgWürfelpech e.V.Daemons of Chaos73111
19.19.André aka "Eafuruto"ErfurtPuffbohnenChaos Warriors0000
Description of the used abbreviations (not all have to be used): AC=Army Composition, PR=Paint Rating, FP=Fairplay, QP=Quiz points, OP=Other points

Team Results (at least 2 players):

1.Tabletop-Ritter (2)44.50
2.Würfelpech e.V. (8)33.88
3.Puffbohnen (3)20.00

City Results (at least 2 players):

1.Halle (Saale) (3)40.00
2.Berlin (2)38.50
3.Halle (3)31.67
4.Erfurt (2)16.50

Army Results:

1.Empire (2)52.00
2.Tomb Kings (1)47.00
3.High Elves (1)45.00
4.Ogre Kingdoms (1)44.00
5.Dark Elves (2)37.00
6.Skaven (1)36.00
7.Orcs & Goblins (2)34.00
8.Dwarfs (1)32.00
9.Vampire Counts (1)32.00
10.Chaos Dwarfs (1)27.00
11.unknown (1)27.00
12.Lizardmen (1)25.00
13.Wood Elves (1)23.00
14.Chaos Warriors (2)16.50
15.Daemons of Chaos (1)11.00
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