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FoG-Einsteigerturnier auf der ACTION 2010 - List of Participants

1. Thomas P.D-Medieval German City Leaguesyes
2. Jaques W.-Nikephorian Byzantineyes
3. Kai H.-Early Germanyes
4. Michael B.-Western Hunnicyes
5. Thomas M.-Skythian or Sakayes
6. Manfred B.-Bosporanyes
7. Patrick W.-Later Carthaginianyes
8. René K.-Vikingyes
9. Frank Z.-Late Heian to Muromachi Japaneseyes
10. Sebastian S.-Mid-Republican Romanyes

Distribution of Armies
Early German:1
Late Heian to Muromachi Japanese:1
Later Carthaginian:1
Medieval German City Leagues:1
Mid-Republican Roman:1
Nikephorian Byzantine:1
Skythian or Saka:1
Western Hunnic:1
Distribution of Origins
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