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Die Schlacht um Beta Luna 9 - III - List of Participants

1. Andreas A.-Military-Industrial Complex (M.Ind)Shadowlords Ulmno
2. Stefan S.-The Local Collective of Ava (Frontline)Shadowlords Augsburgno
3. Andre D.-CyphersShadowlords Augsburgno
4. Dolch S.-CyphersShadowlords Ulmno
5. J. H.-Military-Industrial Complex (M.Ind)Shadowlords Ulmno
6. M. T.-CyphersShadowlords Ulmno
7. Marcel aka "Weber"-Military-Industrial Complex (M.Ind)Shadowlords Schweizno
8. (anonym)-CogsShadowlords Schweizno
9. Marco N.-The Local Collective of Ava (Frontline)Shadowlords Ruhrno
10. M. S.-NovaShadowlords Ruhrno
11. S. M.-Military-Industrial Complex (M.Ind)Shadowlords Ruhrno
12. Patrick R.-Red BlokShadowlords Schweizno
Waiting Queue
13. Roger K.-ArceoShadowlords Schweizno

Distribution of Armies
Military-Industrial Complex (M.Ind):4
The Local Collective of Ava (Frontline):2
Red Blok:1
Distribution of Origins
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