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1. Ulmer Red Day - List of Participants

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1. Andreas aka "Andragon"DUlm-Military-Industrial Complex (M.Ind)Shadowlords Ulmno0
2. Bianca aka "Insomnia"Giengen an der Brenz-Military-Industrial Complex (M.Ind)Shadowlords Ulmno0
3. Siegfried aka "SPY"AGschwandt bei Gmunden-Military-Industrial Complex (M.Ind)Bolter-Teamno0
4. Johannes T.-A-VolutionShadowlords Ulmno0
5. Scorp N.-CyphersStuttgartno0
6. Stefan S.-The Local Collective of Ava (Frontline)Shadowlords Augsburgno0
7. Rainer A.-Union (Syndicate)Bolterteamno0
8. Christian T.-A-VolutionBolterteamno0
9. Christian P.-Military-Industrial Complex (M.Ind)Bolterteamno0
10. Oliver aka "Tador"ALinz-TherianBolter Team AT-43no0
11. Bastian T.-NovaMünchenno0
12. J. H.-Military-Industrial Complex (M.Ind)Shadowlords Ulmno0
13. M. T.-CyphersShadowlords Ulmno0
14. B. J.-Novano0

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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