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1. Age of Oheim Kneipenschlägerei - List of Participants

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1. Peter aka "Gendo"DRöthlein975Grand Alliance Death3InchFailsno
2. Christopher aka "Lolai"DTübingen-Grand Alliance ChaosBam! Chaosno
3. Miklos aka "Murky"DAlitzheim-Ogor Mawtribes3InchFailsno
4. Philipp aka "Rakanishu"DNürnberg460Daughters of KhaineAdeptus Ridiculousno
5. Antonio aka "Nito"DKützberg748Skaven3InchFailsno
6. Christian aka "0815Imp"DRavenstein-Stormcast Eternalsno
7. Florian aka "Wolly94"DObereuerheim-Kharadron Overlords9InchFailsno
8. Christian aka "Heu"DGochsheim-Daughters of Khaine9InchFailsno
9. Daniel aka "Waleran"DVeitshöchheim-Sylvanethno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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