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23. Gnoblar Cup - List of Participants

1. Philipp aka "Bumsi"DOsnabrück34Wood Elf RealmsSpVgg Osnabrückyesno
2. Lars aka "Re-Hor-achti"DWuppertal77Tomb Kings of KhemriPlatthauengangyesno
3. Florian aka "Flopwip"DSickte86Kingdom of Bretonniayesno
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
4. Dominik aka "Garagrim_Eisenfaust"DBockhorn86Dwarfen Mountain Holdsnono
5. Marcus-André aka "Pommesman"DBremen-Kingdom of Bretonnianono
6. Jan aka "MickDick"DBremen86Dwarfen Mountain Holdsnono
7. Stephan aka "Tighthead"DAachen2Orc & Goblin Tribesnono
8. Philipp aka "ShasOPhil"DPorta Westfalica-High Elf Realmsnono
9. Michael aka "GERD"DWuppertal78Dwarfen Mountain Holdsnono
10. Tim aka "likky"DWuppertal21Beastmen BrayherdsPlatthauengangnono

Distribution of Armies
Kingdom of Bretonnia:1
Tomb Kings of Khemri:1
Wood Elf Realms:1
Distribution of Origins
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