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1. Würfelpechs Altweibersommerrollen - List of Participants

1. Paul aka "Koleriker"DHalle (Saale)-Empire of ManWürfelpech e.V.yesyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Marcus-André aka "Pommesman"DBremen-Kingdom of Bretonnianono
3. Henning T.DHalle (Saale)-Empire of ManWürfelpech e.V.nono
4. Daniel aka "Dice-nado"DLeipzig-Kingdom of Bretonnianono
5. Walther aka "ZeroKey"DChemnitz67Warriors of Chaosnono
6. (anonym)-Daemons of Chaosnono
7. (anonym)-Ogre Kingdomsnono
8. Pawel aka "Bacdacac"DHalle (Saale)-Orc & Goblin Tribesnono

Distribution of Armies
Empire of Man:1
Distribution of Origins
Halle (Saale):1
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