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Battle of H’Nova XI - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Andre aka "Numen"DHannover687NecronsCircle Tacticsno
2. Denny aka "Quakeltiki"DHannover305TyranidsCircle Tacticsno
3. Paul aka "Kiall"DGifhorn236World EatersTeam GifBierno
4. Marc aka "Schnitta"DLaatzen-Astra Militarumno
5. Dennis aka "P4tsch"DHannover907Chaos Daemonsno
6. (anonym)-Eldarno
7. Alex aka "Kissyfur"DLangenhagen-Space Marinesno
8. Steffen aka "BigSteve"DWedemark965World EatersHIGWASAHno
9. Barnd aka "Sumbu"DWedemark541Thousand SonsHIGWASAHno
10. Peter aka "Anonym"DBad Pyrmont1671DeathwatchHammertime Bad Pyrmontno
11. David aka "Meister_Haufen"DBraunschweig1167Leagues of VotannTeam Dingsdano
12. Stefan aka "Lorin"DHildesheim729Leagues of VotannHIGWASAHno
13. Christian aka "LaeRTesP"DHildesheim-Death GuardHIGWASAHno
14. (anonym)-NecronsVanguard Tacticsno

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Distribution of Origins
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