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Age of Ragnarök XI - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Wolfgang aka "godhand"DKöln19Blades of KhorneMiniparadiceno
2. Christoph aka "Chris_CoC"DHeidelberg117Grand Alliance ChaosCrown of Championsno
3. Tibor aka "Wurzelgnom"DTheres1058Stormcast EternalsTeam Dislikeno
4. Alexander aka "blobguth"DWaldbrunn575Soulblight Gravelordsno
5. Jan aka "AEV_HighOnPaint"DGoldbach229Legions of NagashAsgard Aschaffenburg e.Vno
6. Alexander aka "Elmo76"DSpeyer159Gloomspite GitzCrown of Championsno
7. Aron aka "Kanonengiesser"DBiedenkopf-Blades of Khorneno
8. Archie aka "Arcimbaldo"DSchweinfurt340Slaves to Darkness3InchFailsno
9. Christian aka "0815Imp"DRavenstein-Stormcast Eternalsno
10. Benjamin aka "KrakenKronos"DNiedernhausen454Beasts of ChaosTBG Frankfurtno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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