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Sidequest - Conquest im Sidequest #4 - List of Participants

1. Nino aka "Torsul"DBremen2The Old DominionKhachamonyes
2. Hanna aka "Hanna"DMeyenburg1The Hundred KingdomsKhachamonyes
3. Tjade aka "Uziel1981"DOldenburg4The DweghomKhachamonyes
4. Rene aka "Moody"DBremerhaven49The SpiresSidequestyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
5. Marcus-André aka "Pommesman"DBremen9The Hundred Kingdomsno
6. Jens aka "Karacho"DHamburg5The W'adrhŭnTWSno
7. Timm aka "Persomaker"DNienburg16The Old DominionRocking Fletcher e.Vno
8. Alexander aka "Drakaro"DRodenbach-The W'adrhŭnAleatorium Main-Kinzigno
9. Markus aka "Thago"DFrankfurt-The City StatesAleatorium Main-Kinzigno
10. Yannik aka "HessiJames"DNidderau-The SpiresAleatorium Rhein-Mainno
11. Tilmann aka "Commoner1"DHannover-The NordsHits and Critsno
12. Martin aka "Iceman"DPeine-The Old DominionHits and Critsno

Distribution of Armies
The Dweghom:1
The Hundred Kingdoms:1
The Old Dominion:1
The Spires:1
Distribution of Origins
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