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Echoes of The Empire 4 Weihnachts Finish (by 104th) - List of Participants

1. Sven aka "hifonics"DCuxhaven16Rebels104th Wolfs Commandyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Uwe aka "Vader81"DRietberg104Empire104th Wolfs Commandno
3. Ramón aka "JizzEye"DBremen36EmpireDewbackstreichlerno
4. André aka "Cad_Bane"DQuarrendorf / Hanstedt62Galactic RepublicInferno Squadno
5. Stefan aka "StevenK122"DEnger272Empire104th Wolfs Commandno
6. Oliver aka "Butoli"DHameln169Galactic RepublicQuarks Cantina Regularsno
7. Nils aka "Brakelmann"DBardowick97EmpireFreelancerno
8. Daniel aka "DTW"DMönchengladbach78EmpireDeath Trooper Wargamingno
9. Christian aka "Crowe"DHerzogenrath90Galactic RepublicDTWno
10. Philipp aka "Lazeruso"DBielefeld29Rebelsno
11. (anonym)-Galactic Republicno

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