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7. ReckenEcke Awakens - Reloaded - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Christian aka "Szid"DDresden413Rebel AllianceOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenzyesno
2. Sebastian aka "curi"DSpremberg60Scum and VillainyOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenzyesno
3. Enrico aka "Enno"DDresden28Scum and VillainyOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenzyesno
4. Erik aka "Lupo"DDresden242Galactic EmpireBruchpilotyesno
5. Max aka "Khain90"DWeimar82Scum and VillainyThüringer Bratwursttorpedoesnono
6. Steffen aka "White_Templer"DErfurt140Galactic RepublicThüringer Bratwursttorpedoesyesno
7. Martin aka "Kyoto87"DDresden179Scum and VillainyOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenzyesno
8. Bettina aka "Amidala"DSpremberg112Galactic EmpireOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenzyesno
9. Thorim aka "Thorim"DDresden538Galactic EmpireOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenznono
10. Carsten aka "caolilan"DGreiz54Rebel AllianceOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenzyesno
11. Sören aka "Kleiner_Fehler"DErfurt9Galactic EmpireThüringer Bratwursttorpedoesyesno
12. Ronald aka "Suppenschwein"DDresden188Scum and VillainyOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenznono

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Distribution of Origins
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