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Meet of the Ronin - List of Participants

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1. Christoph aka "MrMayo"DMagdeburg9Temple of Ro-Kanno
2. Peter aka "ElErecose"DHamburg17Shiho ClanTabletop Freibeuterno
3. Daniel aka "Immatar"DGifhorn5Cult of YureiX-Wing Selbsthilfegruppeno
4. Moritz aka "Daruma"DBraunschweig11Minimotono
5. Daniel aka "Dirty_Mike"DWolfsburg-Prefecture of RyuDirty Mike and the Boysno
6. Aron aka "Sir"DBraunschweig6Jung Piratesno
7. Max aka "Skarre"DBuchholz in der Nordheide2Prefecture of RyuTabletop Freibeuterno
8. Jan aka "Gnortz"DHamburg1Ito ClanTabletop Freibeuterno
9. Carsten aka "Kiefer"DSaarbrücken3MinimotoTabletop Freibeuterno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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