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3. SWS Hüttenzauber - List of Participants

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1. Andreas aka "Ghost-13"DArnsberg10Tamurkhan’s HordeSauerländer Würfelsturmnono
2. Ulf aka "Magic_Ulf"DMunster37Stormcast Eternalsnono
3. Tristan aka "Priimetime"DGelsenkirchen2Kharadron OverlordsDie Kellerkindernono
4. Philip aka "MorTal"DSoest238Kharadron OverlordsSauerländer Würfelsturmnono
5. Basti aka "Floreliza"DHamm86Grand Alliance ChaosDie Würfelgötternono
6. Marius aka "Centox"DKassel33Kharadron OverlordsMiniparadicenono
7. Patrick aka "Babywind"DKassel44Idoneth DeepkinMiniparadicenono
8. Marcel aka "Hulk89"DWeilerswist67Flesh-eater CourtsDa Clubhaus Euskirchennono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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