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Shatterpoint - Build & Play Event - List of Participants

1. Kilian aka "Qraith"DRamstein-Miesenbach22SeparatistsMinengilde Kesselyes
2. Christian B.D-Galactic Republicyes
3. Marcus W.D-Galactic Republicyes
4. Björn B.D-Galactic Republicyes
5. Maphi W.D-Galactic Republicyes
6. Claude R.D-Galactic Republicyes
7. Philipp H.D-Galactic Republicyes
8. Swen W.D-Galactic Republicyes
9. Luke aka "Caffran"DÜbach-Palenberg27Galactic RepublicDTWyes
10. Marcel B.D-Galactic Republicyes
11. Sebastian B.D-Galactic Republicyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
12. Mike aka "Menicks"DWuppertal7Shadow Collectiveno
13. Lukas aka "Rycanri"DMarkgröningen8Galactic Republicno
14. Gabriel aka "KakitaG"DKaiserslautern60Galactic RepublicMynock Flugelno

Distribution of Armies
Galactic Republic:10
Distribution of Origins
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