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Endkampf im Westen - List of Participants

1. Thomas aka "JanBaserull"DHalle (Saale)294German ArmyNu pogodi!yesyes
2. Michael aka "Evingolis"DHamburg50US Armyyesyes
3. Maximilian aka "Der_Fuchs"DMeerbeck bei Stadthagen45German Armyyesyes
4. Tim aka "skinko"DHamburg33US Armyyesyes
5. Kim N.D-US Armyyesyes
6. Daniel B.D-German Armyyesyes
7. Marcus aka "Nommi"DLeezen-British Armyyesyes
8. (anonym)-German Armyyesyes
9. Kevin aka "BerzerkerCult"DBremen38US Armyyesyes
10. Jan-Hendrik aka "Zakka"DBremen60German ArmyHakuna Matatayesyes
11. Jens aka "TabletopGeneral"DNeu Kaliß94German Armyyesyes
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12. Felix aka "Spiky"DParchim17German Armynoyes

Distribution of Armies
German Army:6
US Army:4
British Army:1
Distribution of Origins
Halle (Saale):1
Meerbeck bei Stadthagen:1
Neu Kaliß:1
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