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3. Tabletop HIVE Cup WH40K - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Manuel aka "Angrym"DMarkt Erlbach95TyranidsEndless Furynono
2. Ernst aka "TheHoodedMan"DNeustadt a.d. Aisch862Adepta SororitasSquiggznono
3. Patrick aka "Painkiller"DFürth-Chaos Knightsnono
4. Florian aka "DaCoernl"DNürnberg126Imperial KnightsSquiggznono
5. Holger aka "Nemeton"DNürnberg-Space MarinesProject HIVEnono
6. Thomas aka "Bruder-Tom"DNürnberg235Leagues of VotannProject HIVEnono
7. Walter aka "Z0rg"DNürnberg285Adepta SororitasEndless Furynono
8. Matthias aka "elMatze"DNürnberg384Chaos Daemonsnono
9. Niklas aka "p4per"NLMaastricht105The InquisitionTeam NLnono
10. Marco aka "Smile"DNürnberg1011Space MarinesAdeptus Ridiculousnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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