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2. Midland Majors - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Alexander aka "Zealcore"DHann. Münden91Chaos KnightsMiniparadicenono
2. Maximilian aka "MaximumRisk"DErfurt-Orksnono
3. Wesselin aka "WeskoEF"DErfurt210Space WolvesKrämerbrückentrollenono
4. Philipp aka "Frembrand-Dominus"DIchtershausen525Drukharinono
5. Christian aka "Toster"DIchtershausen305Astra MilitarumKrämerbrückentrollenono
6. Andre aka "Adlerhost"DWeimar1524Dark AngelsKrämerbrückentrollenono
7. Michael aka "Kisuka"DErfurt1555Adeptus Custodesnono
8. Andreas aka "Octavian415"DLeipzig445Chaos DaemonsTabletop Sachsennono
9. Christoph aka "Todeshetzer"DHückelhoven489Astra Militarumnono
10. Tobias aka "cilium"DLeipzig280EldarTabletop Sachsennono
11. Nico aka "ObiWlanKenobi"DNordhausen869Adeptus CustodesTabletopclub Erfurt e.V.nono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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