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SWL im Norden - The fallen Star - List of Participants

1. Bastian aka "Absti"DSchwanewede75Empireyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Marco aka "Schiltron"DBremen199Separatistsno
3. Ramón aka "JizzEye"DBremen5EmpireDewbackstreichlerno
4. Matthias aka "TheRealMatz"DBremen107EmpireDewbackstreichlerno
5. Christian aka "Christian2021"DHamburg129Rebelsno
6. Sven aka "hifonics"DCuxhaven27Rebels104th Wolfs Commandno
7. Martin aka "Xsoo"DCuxhaven-Rebelsno
8. Björn aka "BWS"DIlsede78Empireno
9. Jonas aka "Thorgas"DOldenburg14EmpireCoole Kids Oldenburgno

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