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1. Drunken Dwarfs Duisburg: Sparta is coming! - List of Participants

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1. Daniel aka "Scarloc90"DKöln159Undying DynastiesThis is Spartanono
2. Maximilian aka "Roque"DLeichlingen73Highborn ElvesThis is Spartanono
3. Jan aka "GabbaGandalf"DFrankfurt am Main60Orcs and GoblinsThis is Spartanono
4. Marc aka "Schalker"DMonheim am Rhein-Warriors of the Dark GodsDrunken Dwarfs Duisburgnono
5. Christian aka "Starspieler"DFrankfurt am Main34Empire of SonnstahlFrankfurt Cup Tabletopnono
6. Robin aka "Sir_Robin"DAull63Ogre KhansFireverdaufernono
7. Anthony aka "blacky"DLünen10Sylvan ElvesFight Clubnono
8. Marc aka "Pofalischt"DKöln91Orcs and GoblinsThis is Spartanono

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