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The 9th age OWL-Cup - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Devis aka "Scusi"DBielefeld132Kingdom of Equitainenono
2. Frederick aka "Frederick"DHiddenhausen8CultistsTG PLAY!nono
3. Stefan aka "Gorobh"DEmstek39Saurian AncientsDeichgrafennono
4. Thomas aka "Wetterlicht"DLeipzig48Kingdom of EquitaineWürfeln für Glitzernono
5. Kai aka "TromboseJochen"DHannover12Saurian AncientsWardogs Hannovernono
6. Thomas aka "Zwergnase"DLeipzig9Warriors of the Dark GodsOstfrontnono

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Distribution of Origins
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