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Dreadaxe Corp.
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Hit/Crit im Outer Rim Part 3 - List of Participants

1. Andreas aka "Spike-"DMeckenheim1Separatists#BonnerMetayes
2. Christian aka "Chris_P81"DGrafschaft Holzweiler17Rebelsyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. Günther aka "Guile-Fox"DAurich24EmpireTeam Solono
4. Bernd aka "Dathomir"DHage28RebelsTeam Solono
5. Thorsten aka "TH-Orsten"DBocholt10SeparatistsTisch Kriegerno
6. Gerrit aka "Goerrit"DBocholt4EmpireTisch Kriegerno
7. Alexander aka "Bantha1"DBonn7Republicno
8. Jan aka "Utinni"DWuppertal20RepublicDicediele Wuppertalno
9. Andreas aka "AndiFront90"DWuppertal35Empireno
10. (anonym)-Empireno
11. (anonym)-Rebelsno

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Grafschaft Holzweiler:1
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