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OPR Grimdark Future III @ Tabletop Freibeuter - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Ben aka "Nobody040"DGeesthacht22Havoc BrothersTabletop Freibeuterno
2. Moritz aka "Mo1983"DReinbek3Alien HivesTabletop Freibeuterno
3. Jan aka "Gnortz"DHamburg-Wormhole DemonsTabletop Freibeuterno
4. Christian aka "BashTime"DHamburg18TAO CoalitionGloryseekers Hamburgno
5. Torsten aka "Cake_Princess"DHamburg26High Elf FleetsTabletop Freibeuterno
6. Manu aka "Learningbydying"DHamburg24Alien HivesGloryseekers Hamburgno
7. Sebastian aka "Sephebos"DHamburg20Orc Maraudersno
8. Tim aka "skinko"DHamburg-Human Defense Forceno
9. Jovan aka "Jovo"DHamburg27Human Defense ForceTabletop Freibeuterno
10. Tim aka "Taeckersch"DAngelburg Gönnern-Havoc Brothersno
11. Patrick aka "Sonics"DPotsdam17Battle BrothersITGC Berlinno
12. Riccardo aka "Dread-Naught"DBerlin1Wormhole DemonsITGC Berlinno
13. Andre aka "Nordseefreundlich"DGrauel-Prime Brothersno
14. Sven aka "Skaven"DHamburg11Orc MaraudersTabletop Freibeuterno
15. Philipp aka "Hammerviertausend"DHannover-Havoc BrothersDiceonautsno
16. Jerome aka "JeromeK"DDelingsdorf10Human Defense ForceTabletop Freibeuterno
17. (anonym)-High Elf Fleetsno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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