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Lay low the Tyrants 11 - List of Participants

1. (anonym)-Slaves to DarknessCarlos Sklavenyesno
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Dominic aka "Grizzlbrizz"DAlfter52Orruk WarclansPrivateer Poza Boyznono
3. Martin aka "KawaiiPenguin"DSankt Augustin38Gloomspite GitzPrivateer Poza Boyznono
4. Moritz aka "GermanDurnan"DSankt Augustin863NighthauntPrivateer Poza Boyznono
5. Christian aka "BockinatOr"DEuskirchen105Ossiarch BonereapersDa Clubhaus Euskirchennono

Distribution of Armies
Slaves to Darkness:1
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